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Cover van service

We provide wide range of Cover van, service all over Bangladesh. Our Cover van come 10 feet to 23 feet accronding coustomer. need, we are committed Safely delivering your goods on time.

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Open truck service

A few considerations like the cost, size, destination, loading point and the transportation type need to change. here come Open truck service affrodable efficient and working with Safely for seamless end-to-end performance.

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Pickup service

pickup is small kind of open truck or cover, usually we use that option Transport Small size and quantity of product. and shifting your office or home.Pickup service can be minimize transportation costs in various way. we provide wide range of open and cargo pickup at yor doorstep.

value added transportation service

Value Added Service

Titas transport help eliminate unnecessay handling,manpower,transportation and inventory cost. Service range form labeling of packaged goods and shifting of component parts.

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Our consist approach towards maintaining excellence in the involved operation assist us in delivering optimum quality in our service in turn helping us make long list of Satisfied clients.

Titas Transport Service

Transport Logistics Service, deliver the freight in a safe and secure condition, within the stipulated time in all around Bangladesh.

Titas transport Cargo transportation services offer the transport of goods from the source to thedelivery destination through various means oftransportation. Cargo transport service may involve trucking, railways, air deliveries or waterway transportation systems to deliver the freight in a safe and secure condition, within the stipulated time in all around Bangladesh.

Cargo Transportation Services: Modes of Transport

While making their transport decision, companies have to decide the best mode of transportation for their goods. Factors that influence this decision are price, dimensions of the goods, stipulated time of delivery, distance from the destination and the risks involved. Titas transport has wide range of experience to provide The popular modes of transportation and their specific characteristics pertaining to logistics are explain in brief:

  • Road: For small distance transportation, most logistical companies prefer trucking services. It is fairly inexpensive and hassle free. Goods to be delivered are loaded in the truck containers and sent to the destination through the road.
  • Rail: Every since its inception, the railways have been utilized to deliver long-distance transport, most of major city in Bangladesh with considerably lesser time. Detachable containers are loaded with goods and placed over special wheeled structures to ensure safe and secure transport.
  • Vessel: Vessels are a popular means of transporting large quantity of goods deliveries with no time constrains. It is a safe medium to transport raw materials, heavy equipments and large machinery. We titas transport provide this service as low cost logistics transport option.

Open truck transport service:

A few considerations like the cost, size, destination, loading point and the transportation type affects the quality of safe delivery. Further,Titas transport offered transportation method likeOpen truck transport service is a matter of affordable option among those people who plan to move their goods and product through these services.

Pickup: pickup is small kind of open truck, usually logistics transport company use that option Transportation Small size and quantity of product, serving their costumer in highly density area.
  • Six wheeler: Titas transports provide modern six wheeler open truck that can carry five, ten, twenty Metric ton at a time, base on your size of product.
Ten wheeler: A 10-wheeler is a large truck with a diesel engine meant to haul heavy loads. Titas Transport serving 10-wheeler delivering goods raw materials, and livestock across the country. The transmissions of these trucks can be automatic or standard.

Responsibilities of Titas Transport, As a Cargo Logistics Transportation Services Provider :

  • Arrangement for goods transportation, which include booking spaces and providing cargo vehicles
  • Ensuring safe transp ortation of goods from sourcing till delivery
  • Preventing damage to goods while loading or unloading
  • Procuring documents, licenses or permissions required for the transportation.

The Bangladesh-based company Titas transport agency offers world-class cargo transportation services to its valuable clients threw our head office Dhaka , main commercial office Chittagong , and most of major city in Bangladesh. To know more about our services or to get the best deals or quotation, you can visit the company logistics transport blog. Cargo Management Transportation ServicesTitas transport is a transportation logistics management company offering customized cargo transportation , freight forwarding, shipping services, warehousing,labour supply, load, unload, packing, distribution wide range of world class transport logistics service we provide with a affordable cost.