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Titas Transport expanded rapidly through it's continued pursuit of new market.

When time matter.

  Time Critical transportation solutions

Time Critical transportation solutions

Titas Transport,Titas transport agency provide customers Time Critical transportation solutions, whether local or inter district, optimal tracking features, we are always up for whatever challenge our customers may face. we Work for the Integrity in which we are measured by our customers and drivers. Everyday our mission is to provide equipment to service our customers, titas transport find the best truck type within our fleet and partners and ensure on time . We promise to load our trucks, create a paralleled environment together with our drivers. Powered by exceptional Technology, talented employees, professional and committed drivers, Titas transport will not waver when it comes to being a leader in the industry and performing at an optimal level, of the When Time Matters.

Massive Relief Distribution For The Nepalese Earthquake Hited People.

 Sheikh Hasina allocated 10000 ton rice for Nepal

Sheikh Hasina allocated 10000 ton rice for Napel

Titas Transport,take all the necessary step to deliver the appropriate supplies, in good condition, in the quantities required and at the places and time they are needed. Logistics is most important and complex component of the relief distribution operations.

titas transport truck and cargo vehicle

Titas transport humanitarian supply service

Titas transport humanitarian supply chain the final goal is to reduce loss of lives and help the beneficiaries.Ourprofessionals have access to the best practices and technologies when providing relief in the midst of a crisis. Titas transport logistics and transportation service have a lot to contribute to disaster relief management in Bangladesh.

Transportation and Relief Distribution

Titas Transport using tools like, vehicle routing, which uses mathematical modelling and high-powered computing to develop quicker, more efficient ways to move rice from ponchogor and dinajpur direct to Nepal over the Land of India.thanks to Indian authority for helping us without any condition. they provide our driver security across over their land and feed them good food.

Titas transport vehicle loaded by  Rice  for going to Nepal.

disaster relief management in Bangladesh.

Titas transport logistics and transportation service have a lot to contribute to disaster relief management in Bangladesh. We have huge reservoirs of practical experience to draw from. There is a lot to be learned from our collective experiences responding to disaster management process.

Immense task for humanitarian support to Nepal

transport and logistics relief distribution

The Government of Bangladesh, as an immediate response to the devastating earthquake that affected Nepal on 25 April 2015, has dispatched a 30-member Army Medical Team to provide an emergency medical assistance. The team arrived on 26 April 2015 and is already working in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur. The Government of Bangladesh has also provided relief materials to the tune of 250 tents, 800 kgs. biscuits, 3 tons medicines and 500 liters water.
Farther more Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the PMO officials to distribute 10000 ton rice and 20000 liter mineral water quickly among the Earthquake-hit people across the country Napel. With the response of the prime minster call, we Titas transport take all the necessary step to deliver the appropriate supplies, in good condition, in the quantities required and at the places and time they are needed. Logistics is most important and complex component of the relief distribution operations. Previously we did the DBBL donated 100000 picsBlanket distribute across the country with the achievement rate of 99.99% accurate.

Titas Transport achieve this through slick, efficient and effective logistics operations by considering in timeliness, economy, efficiency.

Useful checklist for effective loading.

Container is not damaged.
Door seals are in good condition.
Container is odor-free.
Container interior is clean, no debris blocking floor or drains.
Container identification is documented.Cargo is not stowed overly tight in flat wall containers.
Package count is correct.Security seal number is recorded.
Security seal is properly attached to rear door of container.

Que in road may increase cost of production.

Road conjunction, vehicles crises cross the country and deliver everything from essential everyday items to heavy machinery and dangerous loads. They are the bread and butter of the logistics and freight forwarding industries , and our country would look a lot different without them. There is a big range of vehicles to choose from, and having the correct vans and trucks could make the difference between a well-optimized business and a money and time wasting operation.and also help boost economy. government should take effective step that can reduce transportation cost with ease of traffic. read more...

Efficient and cost effective distribution Network all over Bangladesh.

In the Bangladesh, Dhaka is an area poised to take advantage of these efficiencies. It shares its western border with Savar,Asulia,Gazipur,tongi easily the largest population centre, so distribution to a maximum number of people can be achieved quickly and with minimal energy expenditure. Many distribution companies find that real estate prices prevent them operating within or around major centres of population, but Dhaka seems to have some unique advantages here.Not only does it offer access to substantial (and reasonably priced) docks and related facilities and rail links, but the region has not yet seen the kind of large scale real estate price recovery that nearby Dhaka City has. Land, labour and many services costs are unusually low there, and this allows warehousing and distribution companies located in Here to operate in a kind of goldilocks zone where they have access to the population of Greater Dhaka (and the South in general), but do not have to content with the kind of prices that access usually entails.Titas Transport moving business to grow as it meets the demands of the new opportunities we help to create.

Overland and sea entry points in Bangladesh-Logistics Transport Cluster.

Bangladesh has 11 border entry and exit points with India and 1 each with Nepal and Myanmar, Both road and rail routes are used for transportation of material across borders. Security at the border is the responsibility Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) which is a paramilitary force of the Government of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has adopted and implemented,ASYCUDA system for customs in all border points to facilitate customs clearance of cargo. However only at Benapole a computerized `Bill of Entry, is used for clearance. 60% of the overland border trade movement into Bangladesh takes place through Benapole, which has both road and rail facilities. Benapole, Sona Masjid and Hilli together account for almost 90% of the overland border trade. As leading Transport service provider Titas transport network spread across all around Bangladesh. read more....

Reduce Half of the cost when need reverse logistics.

Titas transport Reverse logistics system can be use of logistics dealing with product flows (unsold items or returns) from their final destination to the initial producer, or to a facility dedicated to their treatment. Examples of reverse logistics functional activities include control in the facilities to avoid the unjustified return of products which are only apparently nonfunctional, recovering and collecting unsold items, We appreciate transporting returns in dumps or disposal centers, or operating in secondary markets.
A possible solution your company using half of the Cost when use logistics system reverse ...